Reflections On Being An Indie Film Producer #6

Become That Hero—The Golden Rule of Movie Production

Embarking on your journey as an indie producer isn't only about making captivating films. It's about the leadership, character, and integrity you bring to the process. How you steer your project impacts not just the end result but the journey of everyone involved. Let's explore how to be the indie film producer you'd want to work with.

Embody High Ethics

Trustworthiness is like gold in the film industry. People talk, and your reputation will often precede you, so make sure it speaks volumes about your character. Be transparent in your dealings, honor agreements, and always stand by your word. It's not just about adhering to legalities; it's about building a legacy of respect and integrity. Do this, and people will want to work with you.

Put Your People First

While films inevitably demand long hours and strenuous effort, always prioritize the well-being of your team. Recognize when they need breaks, and ensure a safe working environment, both physically and mentally. The more valued your team feels, the more they'll invest in your shared vision.

In Blood Pledge, safety was a top priority for us. This included having an armorist on set for the scenes in which we used firearms (never loaded, never pointed at an actor!), as well as our choices for special effects and other prop elements.

Treat Your Team Better Than Your Granny

While you’re filming, the crew and cast are your family. Listen, support, and recognize a job well done to bring out the best in them. Put ego aside and make that fresh pot of coffee or save the last muffin for the camera guy. Show gratitude often, celebrate the wins, and to the best of your ability, ensure they have the resources they need to do their best work.

A little compassion, respect, and acknowledgement go a long way. When your crew feels valued, they'll give their best, day in and day out.

Remember, Actors Are People Too

As an indie producer, it's tempting to immerse yourself so deeply in your characters that you overlook the actors as individuals with feelings, challenges, and lives beyond your film. While their personal matters are beyond your control, you can value their expertise, heed their feedback, and prioritize their comfort, particularly during intense scenes. By creating a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, you empower them to give their best performances.

Finally, being a star in the indie film industry isn't about fame or accolades. It's about the impact you leave on people's lives. By leading with ethics, compassion, and mutual respect, you not only craft memorable films but also shape unforgettable experiences.

Lights, camera, now lead with kindness.

You can see the results of our collaboration here: Blood Pledge