Visual Effects Completed!

Hi all!

Well, we finally completed all the visual effects and clean-up.  Quite a process, taking almost four months.   The clean-up, which I'll share here is rather straight forward.  You see an object that shouldn't be there. Then remove it.

Adding visual effects to enhance a scene was quite an involved process.  In all, we had 41 clips that had to be rendered with these two techniques.

Sure, everyone walks around with a wireless transmitter, besides cellphones.  Several scenes where we didn't anticipate the actor to turn:

BP CGI-2 v2137

And the clean up:

CGI-2 fix

Each shot had to be rendered frame by frame and then the required digital effects applied. A shout out to Ryan "Spike" Dauner and his visual effects team for their excellent work.

So now we're on the final part of post production: Color and sound.  Almost there!