Reflections on Being an Indie Film Producer #3

Collect Your Allies: Building a Collaborative Network

Indie filmmaking is as much about connections as it is about storytelling. The right team can turn your cinematic dream into a reality, and the wrong team can mangle the process so badly, you think you’ll never get things back on track. As you start this phase of your journey, consider the following steps to creating a powerful and supportive team.

Who Do You Know?

Start building your team with people you already know. Connect (or reconnect) with friends, family, past classmates, or former colleagues who might have hidden talents, insights, or know professionals in the film industry. Sharing your vision could lead to invaluable partnerships or mentorships. If your efforts draw a blank, a great way to network from scratch is taking classes focused on the industry or joining a group of like-minded individuals.

Who Do They Know?

The strength of networking often lies in its ripple effect. Every person you know links you to another potential ally. By discussing your project and intentions, you can find access to an even wider circle of skilled professionals and enthusiasts. By expressing your genuine interest in the indie film making process and discussing your project passionately, you can tap into extended networks to discover talents and resources previously out of reach. For Blood Pledge, it was Dan’s connections coupled with our script that brought Gib Jaffe of cult classic, They Live fame, on board as our editor.

Who Can Help You?

Within this expanded network, identify those who believe in your project and want to join you in your hero’s journey. Maybe it's an experienced cinematographer, a budding screenwriter, or someone with knowledge about film distribution. Pinpointing and reaching out to these individuals can significantly elevate the quality of your project. Always be open to connecting with others in this industry.

Who Can You Help?

In the world of independent movie making, collaboration is a two-way street. While it’s important for you seek out expertise and resources, it’s equally important to offer your own unique skills and insights where applicable. Maybe a peer needs guidance on film promotion, or a novice is searching for hands-on production experience. Helping others not only strengthens your bond with the community, it also reinforces the spirit of collective growth. Be generous, it's the right way to do business.

To summarize, the adventure of filmmaking is rarely, if ever, a solitary journey. It's a harmonious blend of individual vision and collective effort. By strategically connecting with and supporting your allies, you pave the way for a richer, more impactful movie experience for your audience.

Check out Blood Pledge here:  Vimeo