Reflections on Being an Indie Film Producer #1

Your Hero’s Journey: Becoming an Independent Film Producer

Embarking on the path of independent filmmaking is a brave and exciting choice filled with surprises and challenges. If you’re driven to tell stories through film, you’ve already taken the first step. Now what?

This series will help to answer that question for you. Starting at the beginning.

What is an Indie Movie?

And indie, or independent movie, is a movie made outside the traditional production companies of Hollywood, like our movie, Blood Pledge. Indie movies are usually made with less money and resources, but more flexibility and passion. Think of them as cozy, local coffee shops in contrast to the big coffee chains: each one is unique, personal, and crafted with a lot of heart.

Why Make an Indie Movie?

While it’s true that choosing the indie route means taking the path less traveled, here's why it's worth it:

Freedom: Without the constraints of big studios, you have the freedom to tell the story you want, how you want to tell it.

Originality: Indie movies often stand out because they're different. They can explore unique topics and tell stories in fresh ways.

Growth: Starting with an indie film offers a hands-on learning experience in filmmaking, allowing you to navigate errors and grow within a more manageable scope. Your first film may kick your butt, but the education of those experiences will carry over to all your other projects in a positive way.

Find the Story

At the heart of any film, big or small, is a story. As an indie film producer, that adventure starts when you find a story that resonates with you. Maybe it's a personal experience, a tale you've heard, or even a cause you're passionate about (though always keep in mind that your main purpose is to entertain, not preach). Always remember that every aspect of movie making springboards from the story you choose.

To sum it up, becoming an independent film producer is a hero's journey in its own right. It's about passion, persistence, and the thrill of creating something truly your own. Dive in, trust the process, and let your story shine.

See it here:  Blood Pledge