Creating Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are very popular these days, especially on Twitter.  Well, I thought it was time to learn how to create these 1 second wonders.  Of course, one can go the "online" route where you upload the video, add the text and voila! The site returns your animated GIF.

Not a chance.  Never know what happens to the uploaded data after you finish.  After some research, found out Photoshop has a feature just for this!  Of course, like all Adobe products, it requires about a dozen steps and there's always a glaring omission  which creates the following situation:

I did not intend for the text to jump around.  Looks cool, and actually adds to the meme.  I found out later the text has to be added strictly above the last image layer (if you know PS).  If you run the timeline in PS and stop to reposition the text, that's the result. Makes sense from an animation standpoint with keyframes. Of course, the procedure doesn't mention that.

A happy mistake, nonetheless.

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