Aliens and Honey Bees

Actually, this post is more inclusive, I should retitle it “Alien and Insects” but the first title seemed more catchy.

On to the matter. I often wonder why we haven’t encountered aliens, akin to invasive species that everyone sees. Yes, we hear the reports, the always grainy images or lights in the sky. But where’s that NY Times headline with an actual picture? I can’t imagine there isn’t life throughout the Universe, or our galaxy. But why don’t we have undeniable proof?

So I was thinking about honey bees. Or any pollinating insect, for that matter.

Honey bees you might ask?

We see in “visible” spectrum of light. Bees and other insect pollinators however, see colors and beyond – into the ultra violet range. They can do this because they have compound eyes which are tuned to higher frequencies. So a pretty yellow flower to us actually looks white with a red or orange center to a bee.

Why? Makes it easier for the bee to find the nectar, almost always found at the center of a flower. No doubt this is an evolutionary relationship between pollinators and flowers.

So what does this have to do with aliens? Perhaps aliens operate and exist in a higher frequency. We can’t “see” them though they might already be here. It’s interesting to note that Alien abduction testimonies often occur during the dream state, when the brain generates delta waves, the second slowest EEG wavelength of the brain.

Perhaps delta waves of human sleep are a “perfect octave” of an alien operating frequency.